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What if it Wasn’t About Us?


Engineering a new paradise!

Engineering a new paradise!

By: Kevin L. Nichols – The Social Engineer

[May 20, 2015]  EL CERRITO.  Today, I wanted to take the time to write down my thoughts about a couple of revelations that I had.  Most people do not know that I listen to Our Daily Bread each morning before I start my day.  The message was about discipleship, congregations following pastors and leaders of the church versus the person who those leaders follow, Jesus Christ.  I thought about the rituals that I do on a daily basis, why I do them, and who should get the glory.  I couldn’t help but wonder if people attribute the actions that I choose to me as a human being or do they properly attribute them to our Lord and Savior.  If there is ambiguity, I wanted to make this point abundantly clear.

I wake up each morning with the hope of improving the lives of others.  Although it may seem complicated, I share my runs and work outs via social media not because I want to brag about what I am doing, but to motivate and inspire others to go out and do the same.   I cannot tell you how many inbox messages I get from people stating that my check-ins, my hikes, or running has made the difference in them getting physically fit and/or taking their health more seriously. Sometimes, I just want to rest, sleep, and relax.  Similarly, I share motivational quotes, tips on relationships, and humor to uplift their souls.  Could people think that this is about me building my brand?  What am I doing to lead people to Christ?

Checking in at church on Sundays is not enough.  Thus, although I enjoy what I do each day, I do not do it for my own personal gain.  I do it because it is what I am called to do.  I am in the process of engineering a new generation built on the foundation of love, leadership, activism, and altruism.  The Social Engineering Project is coming soon and hope that you all are ready for a much needed revolution of rebuilding our communities so that they are stronger than ever.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a slice of heaven or paradise on Earth while we are still here?  I hope that you will join me in this plight.

Kevin L. Nichols is an entrepreneur, a legal technology, diversity, social media, and political consultant who resides in the Bay Area.  He is a passionate community organizer and activist.  Kevin is affectionately known as The Social Politician and The Social Engineer™ who is engineering a better life for the next generation, socially.  For more information, please




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