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Super Tuesday in California



It is too important not to vote on Tuesday, March 3, 2020. As I typically do, I like to highlight some of my friends who are running for various offices locally.  I am not getting involved with who you might/should vote for president, but please consider these individuals if you see them on your ballot:

South Bay

  1. Josh Becker – State Senate for District 13

San Francisco

  1. Shamann Walton – District 10 Superivor
  2. Bivett Brackett – DCCC
  3. Tyra Fennell – DCCC
  4. Shaun Haines – DCCC

Solano County

  1. Monique Langhorne – Napa Valley Superior Court Judge
  2. K. Patrice Williams – Supervisor

Contra Costa County

  1. Nancy Skinner – State Senator
  2. Buffy Wicks– State Assembly – District 15
  3. Y’Anad Burrell – DCCC
  4. Gabriel Quinto – DCCC
  5. Mister Phillips – DCCC
  6. Uche Justin Uwahemu – DCCC
  7. Maria Alegria – DCCC
  8. Dr. Natisa Dill – Pittsburg City Council

Alameda County

  1. Barisha Spriggs – DCCC
  2. Amber Childress – School Board

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