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Primary Election 2022


As I typically do, I like to highlight some of my friends who are running for various offices locally.  It takes a lot for someone to decide to run for office to make change in their respective communities and I applaud them. I am not getting involved with who you should vote for because many of my friends are running against each other, but please consider these individuals if you see them on your ballot. Feel free to visit their sites, research them and their positions, make a donation, and/or vote for them!

The day our ancestors fought and died for is upon us. Tuesday, June 7, 2022 is Election Day! Democracy and everything that our country stands for is on the ballot.

State Offices

  1. Gavin Newsome – Governor
  2. Malia Cohen – Controller
  3. Fiona Ma – Treasurer
  4. Rob Bonta – Attorney General
  5. Tony Thurmond – State Superintendent


  1. Alana Mathews – District Attorney

Contra Costa County

  1. Diana Becton– District Attorney
  2. Cheryl Sudduth – State Assembly – CD-08

Alameda County

  1. Barbara Lee – State Assembly – CD-12
  2. Buffy Wicks – State Assembly – CD-14
  3. Mia Bonta – State Assembly – CD-18
  4. Tamiza Hockenhull – Superior Court Judge
  5. L.K. Monroe – Superintendent
  6. Pamela Price – District Attorney
  7. Seth Steward – District Attorney
  8. Terry Wiley – District Attorney

For election information and resources, please visit and


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