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Why Dr. Naomi Eason is Right for Alameda County Schools

[May 28, 2014] OAKLAND.  Public service is not all of the glitz and glamour that it is cracked up to be.  Candidates typically take 6 months, a year, to maybe 2 years out of their lives to run for an office that they may not ever get or if they do get it, their constituents could turn on them in a heart beat.  Why do people make this tremendous sacrifice and what is in it for them?  Some like the power and prestige.  Others like it because in their minds, it is the next logical step in their career path.  The rare few do it because the work is what they are good at and they are motivated by their passion.  This is the main reason why I am the campaign manager of Dr. Naomi Eason and support her bid for Alameda County Superintendent.

The Alameda County Superintendents’ race is a heated one where the primary election is coming down to the wire, culminating in less than a week on June 3, 2014.   Before candidates can and should be evaluated for this position, voters should know what the county superintendent is responsible for:

  • Educating specific student populations (i.e., special education, disenfranchised youth, Court and Community)
  • Monitoring and oversight of student academic environment
  • Monitoring and oversight for district fiscal stability
  • Providing academic support and assistance to districts and their schools
  • Providing direct services to small school districts
  • Implementing regional support activities to assist district and school staffs

All of the candidates come with many accolades, backgrounds, goals, and aspirations for the office.  Before I offer my opinion, I advise any Alameda County residents to make an informed decision on who they think is best suited to oversee their public schools and why. League of Women Voters of California Education Fund’s provides an excellent comparison of all of the candidates side by side with no endorsement.  Moreover, the California State Employees Association held a candidates forum that featured all of the candidates thoughts, opinions, and platforms directly.  Lastly, the Contra Costa Times and the Oakland Tribune held a candidates forum, which provides another glimpse of all of the candidates together so that you can choose whose values you identify with best.

Having provided you with enough independent information that you can make an intelligent decision on your own, I am going to now show you why you should vote for Dr. Naomi Eason:

1.  Here is the television commercial that thousands of voters have already seen;

2.  Here is an overview of Dr. Eason’s Educational Background;

3.  This is why there is a time for change;

4.  Check out her vision;

5.  Here is what Principal Denise Burroughs has to say about Dr. Eason;

6.  Principal Mary Fisher shares her views on Dr. Eason and Court and Community Schools

7.  School Teacher Blanca Nieves talks about the importance of Preschool Education and how Dr. Eason is right for Alameda County; and

8.  After School Teacher Maggie Lam discusses the significance of After School Programs and Dr. Eason’s passion regarding same.

Finally, Dr. Eason is a wife and dedicated parent of 5 children (3 of which are school aged and attend Oakland Public Schools); an educator who taught in Oakland public schools and the California State University system for CalStateTEACH teacher’s preparation program; and administrator who was the principal in the Emery Unified School District and served as a district office administrator, and was the Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services for the Alameda County Office of Education for 8 years.  This wealth of experience is vital in this role, however, what equips her most to deal educating specific student populations is the fact that Dr. Eason was kicked out of her high school for poor academic performance, but continued on in school to receive her doctorate in educational leadership.  There is nothing more inspiring to hear Dr. Eason’s passion for our youth, innovative ideas, and methodical processes for executing same.  I am proud to stand by her and I hope that you will feel confident that she has earned your vote.

For more information about Dr. Naomi Eason for Alameda County Superintendent, please visit her website at