Kevin L. Nichols


Political candidates running for office have to conduct themselves like companies.  Whether it involves raising capital to finance their campaigns, being held accountable to their “investors” (constituents), or maximizing essential “departments” such as human resources, operations, technology, marketing, and communications.

Social media marketing, branding, strategy, and messaging (“social politics”) are indispensable components of running a successful campaign.  Social politics allow you to interact with potential voters, engage with supporters, publicize events that you will either attend or host, and raise money like never before.  Thanks to model campaigns like Howard Dean’s and President Barack H. Obama’s, who raised millions of dollars by asking a million people to give them $5, it is proven that social politics is incredibly lucrative and here to stay.

Candidates need specialists with track records to enhance their online presence, develop consistent messaging, and overall communications strategy that will get them elected.  They need Kevin L. Nichols – The Social Politician ™